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Non-Circuit Event Application  Kickball · Any Non-Circuit Events

Registration Dates:
2016-01-01 – 2019-01-30 regular
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
2015-01-01 00:00:00.0
Event Organizer Fees
Regular 0.0 per event organizer

Kickball365's Non-Circuit Event Application allows independent event managers, charity organizations, and everyday players the opportunity to host a kickball tournament in conjunction with Kickball365. We can assist with every type of kickball tournament including competitive, social, charity, draft, and all women's events.  

Kickball365 will drive general player interest and online traffic to your event registration site as well as craft targeted email campaigns to players in your local region. As a consequence, this will hopefully increase your participation and revenue.  This is a personalized, direct marketing experience you can't get anywhere else.  

Benefits of Partnering with Kickball365

  • Calendar Listing
    Kickball365 will list your event and its details on the "Non-Circuit Events" section of Kickball365. This listing will include links to registration, date of the event, team/player cost, specific details (content provided solely by you), and more. 
  • Team & Player Registration Management
    Kickball365 will setup and manage an online roster management page for your Event to provide you a way to efficiently manage team & player registrations for your event. Kickball365 will utilize its merchant gateway so you can avoid the need to collect payments from teams & players and save money from PayPal fees.
  • Kickball365 Support
    Kickball365 will provide support for your event through answering questions and consultation via e-mail or phone calls with our Event Team. This support service is a great resource for questions about managing your event and any other general rulebook policies and procedures you may have. Additionally, we can help with any questions that you might get from players, referees, and/or fans regarding event requirements.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance Coverage
    One of the primary benefits and purposes for partnering with Kickball365 to run a Non-Circuit Event is to secure liability insurance for your event. This coverage comes from Kickball365 and is applied on an event basis. Typically a certificate of liability insurance is required to secure a field permit. 
  • Referee Recruitment
    Kickball365 will utilize our extensive database to identify potential referees for your event.  There is no guarantee this will secure referees, however, we will also work with you to find referees from other local sources and organizations. 
  • Discounts on Equipment
    Receive discounts on an assortment of equipment items. This includes purchasing event kickballs, referee t-shirts/jerseys, team t-shirts, cones, bases, referee wallets, referee clickers, etc. at discounted programs.
  • Hotel Booking Support
    Kickball365 will provide hotel awareness of the best options in your location through our national partners. Kickball365 will setup discounted hotel lodging links for your players to book near your event. Our Hotel Booking Partner offers hotels with the following hotel brands:
  • Schedule Generator
    Kickball365 will setup an effective schedule for your event.
  • Standings Calculator
    Kickball365 will create a tool to track results for each game and calculate overall standings. 
  • Rights to use Official Kickball and Rulebook of Kickball365
    Non-Circuit Events are required to utilize the Official Rulebook and Kickball of Kickball365. Kickballs are available for purchase at discounted prices to Non-Circuit Event organizers. Kickballs are NOT included with application/acceptance. Kickballs must be purchased separately.

Non-Circuit Event Costs

The cost for a Non-Circuit event will be 10% of all incoming Team/Player registration fees regardless of event size.

On-Site Support

If your event attracts 12 or more teams, Kickball365 can send on-site support to manage the event with you for an additional 5% (or 15% total) of all incoming Team/Player registration fees per person. Our experts can assist with game day management, rules conflicts, and many other nuances to make sure your event runs smoothly and on time. 


  • De-Confliction 
    All potential dates are required to NOT fall on a scheduled Circuit Event weekend. A full list of Circuit Event dates can be found here
  • Logo and Text 
    Kickball365's name must appear anywhere that the event name/logo is published. Note, only the Kickball365 logo can be used. "The Circuit" logo is NOT permitted to be used in any materials advertising your event.  You are permitted to use the language "Non-Circuit Event" though. 
  • Registration/Rosters
    All registrations and rosters will be managed through LeagueApps. 
  • Processing Fees 
    All registrations will include a $2.95 processing fee per player.  This fee covers all costs associated with the registration system and online payment processing. 
  • Waivers
  • All players and referees participating in a Non-Circuit Event will be required to complete the Kickball365 waiver which is provided online at the time of registration check-out.  
  • Game Day Amenities 
    Event organizers must obtain any required permits to use the advertised fields. The availability of water and bathrooms at the field sites must be communicated to all players prior to the event. 
  • Use the Official Kickball of Kickball365 
  • Use the Official Rulebook of Kickball365 


Once the application has been submitted to Kickball365, the you will be notified regarding the status of the application by the Event Team within a few days. Upon approval, the Event Team will contact you for next steps and instructions for managing their event. 

Terms and Conditions Policy

Organizing kickball events requires a considerable amount of forward planning, time, risk and expense.  It is certainly fun and while it may look easy, promoting requires planning and a event game plan to be successful. For Circuit Events, we typically begin planning at least six months prior to our event taking place, work begins and costs are incurred. These include administrative, insurance, advertising, marketing, equipment, website and staff costs. As an Circuit Event draws nearer, we continue to incur costs, many in relation to the number of players and referees in the event. This is a reminder that there is no guarantee that running a Non-Circuit Event with Kickball365 will be a success. We offer no guarantees. We encourage you to review your financial planning part of the process since that is an integral part of event management and promotion. 

Email us at info[at]kickball365[dot]com.

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