The home for kickball competition in America. 

Kickball365 produces The Circuit, the only national, professional tour of top-flight, competitive kickball tournaments.

Circuit Players Enjoy:

  • Compete against the BEST Co-Ed & Women's Kickball Teams in America
  • Top Four Cash prizes awarded to Top Teams in all Events
  • Circuit Winners earn cash & unique trophies
  • Most Locations have Social Events THR, FRI, SAT, & SUN
  • Player Wristbands & other swag

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We attract the best competition of Kickball Players in North America.

Who We Are

Kickball365 enables people to make friends, have fun, and win cash through one of a kind kickball vacation experiences. 

Our National Championships are a one-of-a-kind vacation experience where teams compete to win their share of cash prizes.

When is the Circuit Championship Weekend?
The 6th Annual Circuit Championship Weekend will be held in November in Dallas, TX. The Co-Ed Circuit Championship will be held on Saturday, November 12th and the Women's Division Championship will be held on Sunday, November 13th.

What does the Circuit Championship Weekend consist of?
The entire weekend of the Circuit Championship Weekend includes social events starting on Thursday, National Tour Awards Party on Friday, a Circuit Cup Championship After Party Party on Saturday night for the Co-Ed Division, and the Women's Division After Party on Sunday night. The tournaments are hosted on Saturday (Co-Ed Division) and Sunday (Women's Division).

How Can My Team Qualify? 
A team can qualify for either event during the Circuit Championship Weekend by attending at least one Circuit Event on the National Tour. All teams who attend a Circuit Event on the National Tour will receive a bid for either the Co-Ed Division or the Women's Division. However, if a team cannot attend a Circuit Event on the National Tour they can secure a bid for either event as a Wild Card.

If my Team didn't attend a Circuit Event can we compete at Circuit Cup Championships? 
Yes, your team MUST APPLY for the Circuit Championship Weekend as a Wild Card. Teams who apply, and those who are accepted, are still required to complete registration no later than the deadline. To learn how to apply as a Wild Card please visit here for details

What is the Awards and Prize Pool for the Circuit Championships?
The Co-Ed Division Championship winners will earn a Cash Prize and the Circuit Cup Trophy. The top four (4) teams will be paid out. The Women's Division Championship winners will earn a Cash Prize and the Women's Open Trophy. The top four (4) teams will be paid out. Prize Pools are determined by the total number of teams who register to compete.

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For additional details we encourage you to read the Structure of The Circuit to discover everything associated with The Circuit, the National Tour, and the Circuit Cup Championship Weekend.

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